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About “The Business Owl” Blog

Working as Business Advisors, we consider ourselves as being fortunate that we were able to name the company: “Knowledge Business Systems”.

We consider that it was even more fortunate that we obtained the website: “” (the .ie being an indicator that the website is based in Ireland).

Working as Business Advisors, Business Coaches, Management Consultants, we support Business Owners who want to improve their results; hence our focus is “Building Better Businesses”. It will come as no surprise that we develop strong views, strong opinions and strong ideas that we consider would be of benefit to business owners operating in the SME Sector.

Of course, as a knowledge based business, the only name we wanted was the Oracle, but someone got there before us! Sticking with “Knowledge”, rambling around Greece and understanding that Athena, the Goddess of Knowledge, has an Owl as her symbol, “the name “The Business Owl” was born.

Hopefully, you will gain some benefit from any time that you spend reading the blog.

Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think!

Come back often and subscribe, even tell your friends! Enjoy!

June 2012:

Now that the blog is up and running….my commitment is for two blogs per month…..usually mid-month and end of month….

And I like quotes…so there will be a liberal sprinkling of them….why turn yourself inside out trying to find the exact phrase when a greater intellect has considered and responded to the same idea before!



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