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What one question, properly answered, will be of most benefit to a Business Owner?

July 1, 2012
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So… is the way that I see it!

Being a Business Owner can be tough, can be lonely, challenging and demanding!

There is so much going on, so many demands upon your time and attention, so many balls in the air, which all need to be addressed NOW! There must be an easier way…and yet what is it?

Okay, so all of these guys who are Business Coaches, Management Consultants, Business Advisors, whatever: they have ALL of the answers; not only that – they have all of the right answers, they may even have a proprietary interest on the ONLY right answers! But the point is…..

They don’t wait until we ask the question!

What I would like to use my blog to do is to answer the question that the Business Owner wants answered!

Here is the deal.

I will try to be respectful!

I will make an attempt to listen (or to read)!

I will not expect to know the answer before I have heard the question!

Then I will do a little bit of research and come back and answer the question!

Sad person that I am….that’s fun for me!

Are you on for that?

Well then…..answer the survey and put me to work!

And thanks for dropping by!